XING Events Expands its Multilingual Ticket Shop - Optimised Purchasing Process for International Clients

Munich, 23 November 2016 – XING Events (, the event industry’s expert in attendee management and event marketing, has significantly expanded its multilingual ticket shop. It now gives organisers the opportunity to communicate with their attendees in any language. This makes XING Events the only provider in the world to offer this service at such a scale.

  • Only provider in the world to offer a multilingual ticket shop at this scale
  • Entire attendee communication in multiple languages
  • Professional appearance towards international ticket buyers
  • Optimised purchasing process for international clients


XING Events: Only Provider Offering a Multilingual Communication with Attendees
To organise and realise large, professional events for an international audience, you need to consistently communicate with your attendees in their own language. That is why XING Events is now offering organisers the option to create any text of their entire attendee communication in the four most important languages: German, English, French and Spanish. If desired, organisers can present their communication – be it the ticket, invoice or any email communication – in any other language as well. Another novelty is that organisers can customise existing query fields such as category names or address fields as needed.

Optimised Purchasing Process for International Clients
The multilingual ticket shop is intended to especially help international clients to sell their tickets in their own language. It serves as a means to avoid misunderstandings prior to an event that are often the result of language barriers.

“Using our products, organisers have sold and accounted more than 8 million tickets for more than 210,000 professional events globally. Most of the organisers are targeting an international audience making it all the more important for them to be able to communicate with their attendees in multiple languages. We are therefore very pleased that our multilingual ticket shop has enabled us to address our organisers’ needs as well as those of their attendees, allowing them to present themselves in a professional manner in front of an international clientele”, Prof. Dr. Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, managing director at the XING Events GmbH, says.