XING Events invents lead generation for organizers with a vested interest in the German market

Munich, 22 August 2016 – How can I reach maximum attention for my event? How can I reach more attendees and how do I contact them? From now on, XING Events offers an unprecedented competitive edge to its organisers. If they opt for an Event Plus page on XING, organisers can now see which XING member is interested in their event, and they can contact them and give them a personal invitation.

More Attendees by Contacting Warm Leads Directly

  • Identify and Contact Relevant Leads Individually
  • Detailed Information about XING Members for Further Use in Your Own Database
  • Successful First Use at ISPO MUNICH


Identify and Contact Relevant Leads Individually

If they opt for an Event Plus page, under the section Your Event Page Visitors, organisers can now see which XING members have viewed the event as well as the date and time plus the number of their visits. These leads will be displayed with details like their name, position and company, and organisers can contact them individually or collectively with a single click to invite them to the event using a customised text. After the event, leads can be filtered and sorted according to their invitation status and number of visits for a better overview. Organisers will hence benefit from a comprehensive impression of how effective the event page and the respective promotion activities are and who is interested in the event.

“We are happy to be able to offer our organisers another unique marketing option for their event on XING. The transparency we provide for organisers via this option is unique. Communication with these XING members is much more effective as they have already expressed their interest making it hence very likely that they will attend the event”, Prof. Dr. Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, CEO of XING Events GmbH says.

Intelligent Marketing Options on the XING Platform

In addition to the XING Event Market, the leading platform to find events in the business sector, the Event Plus pages and the option to gear target group oriented advertisements toward all members, XING Events now offers its organisers a new approach to generate more attendees and address them more personally and effectively. With this holistic marketing approach, XING Events once again demonstrates its innovation leadership in the business events field and provides its organisers with the maximum potential for attracting attendees.

ISPO MUNICH – Access to Specific Target Group through Marketing Efforts on the XING Event Market

ISO MUNICH, the world’s largest multi-segment sports exhibition, used different XING Events marketing solutions for their exhibition in January to tap into a new target group.

“Using targeted advertisements and the Event Plus page, we have created a huge reach within the right target group in a very short period of time und could therefore acquire a new, relevant target group for ISPO MUNICH. Our event page has more than half a million views and more than 2,200 visits that we can still access today. Clearly arranged statistics and transparency regarding event visitors have helped us to generate new, relevant event attendees”, Markus Hefter, Exhibition Group Director at ISPO MUNICH says.