The Future of Real-time Publishing: Hosted by The New York Times

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New York Times Building

Start: Thursday, 10 Feb 2011 14:00

End: Thursday, 10 Feb 2011 16:00

  • The Future of Real-time Publishing


    The Future of Real-time Publishing

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    The methods by which information is gathered, published and consumed has dramatically matured over the past year. Digital technology now empowers each of us with the means to share news and information instantly. Protests erupt in the Middle East and we look to Twitter for eyewitness accounts. Political scandals erupt in the blogosphere well before they’re covered by mainstream media. News now breaks in real-time, often with more frequency, and pitfalls. News at the speed of Twitter is maturing -- the medium is maturing, journalists are maturing, and the consumers are maturing, too.

    What happens when the citizenry becomes the purveyor of information? How are today's journalists preparing for tomorrow's world? Who verifies the information? The Future of Realtime Publishing will explore the evolution of our media ecosystem as we transition from a "one-to-many" to a "collaborative based" news society.



    Brian Stelter (@brianstelter)

    Ann Curry (@anncurry)
    Andy Carvin (@acarvin)
    David Clinch (@davidclinchnews)
    Joshua Harris (Wired Article)

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