The Renewable Energy Storage Summit  will create the essential nexus of power producers, utilities, systems operators, storage providers, government and financial institutions that is required to accelerate the development of an energy storage marketplace across Canada. The summit will explore the economics, technology and financial viability of storage solutions for enabling a diverse energy mix on and off a distributed grid. The Summit is supported by, and co-located with CanWEA 2013 which immediately proceeds this event.

    The detailed and focused discussions will include:

    Economics and Finance – Who Will Pay For Energy Storage?

    • Who will mandate storage?
    • What is the current value chain for storage technologies and associated power projects?
    • How will the value chain evolve? 
    • What is the financial community’s view of storage – is this viable greentech?
    • What will prompt institutions to invest in the technology or the power projects using storage?
    • What are proposed financial models for storage – RFPs, FIT for storage?
    • Identifying the best procurement options for storage?
    • Project finance models – benchmarking developer and technology provider collaboration

    Connection and Integration  - Utilities Perspectives

    • How do utilities and operators view the opportunities presented by storage technologies?
    • What is the value proposition for a utility?
    • Storage vs curtailment, congestion, grid upgrades, intermittency, SBG
    • How does storage provide value to utilities? 
    • What policy or market signals are needed for utilities to believe that storage makes sense?
    • What are the technology opportunities and barriers for energy storage integration?

    Policy and Potential

    • What is the national energy storage picture?
    • What is the roadmap for development and roll-out – are the pieces in place?
    • How are the technologies, and the projects using storage, supported provincially and federally?
    • What are the drivers and desired outcomes of federal and provincial support?
    • Storage as an active component of current/future renewable energy schemes (NS, Ontario, BC?)
    • How can domestic expertise and technology be effectively commercialised and exported?

    Energy Storage Now

    • Off-grid applications for energy storage: powering remote communities and mining operations
    • Current, economically viable power projects deploying energy storage technologies
    • Pilot project poster session and Dragon’s Den

    Who Will You Meet?

    Energy Producers and Suppliers, Utilities,  Energy Storage Providers, System Operators,
    Local Distribution Companies, Engineering Procurement and Construction Experts,
    Infrastructure and Transmission Professionals, Government Representatives,
    Financial Institutions and Analysts, Venture Capitalists, Policy Advisors

    Get Involved

    The agenda will be launched in spring 2013. We are currently conducting industry research to further define subjects and speakers.
    We welcome your input. Please contact

    Stay In Touch

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