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Start: 01 Feb 2016

End: 05 Feb 2016

  • Agenda 3rd February

    Session Seisean 1:

    Discovering Glasgow's Startup Ecosystem - Networking Event Cothrom Lìonrachaidh: Thig air Èiceo-shiostam Tionnsgainneach Ghlaschu 


    Wednesday, 18.00 - 20.00

    Diciadain, 6f - 8f


    Orkney Street Enterprise Cells, 18-20 Orkney Street, Govan, Glasgow G51 2BX

    Ceallan Gnìomhachais, 18-20 Sràid Arcaibh, Baile a' Ghobhainn, Glaschu G51 2BX


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    #SEWeek16  #StartupGlasgow


    What's happening?


    Dè tha dol?

    18:00 | Networking The doors to the Cells are opened, and once past the registration desk you'll be shown to the court and offered a welcome drink (glass of wine, water or soft drink) for you to enjoy with an opportunity to network and get to know our guests, sponsors and other attendees.

    >> Stop by Birdie Marketing's Popup Marketing Desk for a Chat <<

    18:30 | Introductions We'll welcome you to our networking event and present a short video message from from the European Commission explaining a bit about the Startup Europe initiative. These will be followed by a few words by our sponsors and guests who will explain what services and opportunities are available in Glasgow today for Startup organisations and entrepreneurs:

    >> Feel free to ask our guests and sponsors questions <<

    19:15 | Pitch your Business You've heard what services and opportunities are available to you. So now it's your chance to tell Glasgow what your business does or what your idea for a business is! Perhaps you need help with certain aspects of your business? Or, you need to find a specialist to help you get to the next stage in your business? This is your chance to be noticed and get the help and contacts you need to succeed. There are 2 months free Hotdesk space in the YEZ Incubator up for grabs (up to 25yo).   

    >> Look out for our photographer from Mint Mind! Feel free to ask for your photo to be taken. <<

    20:00 Lockdown We may have to close our doors, but feel free to continue your conversations into the evening locally or in town if you don't have to go straight home.

    >> Remember to use our hashtags #StartupGlasgow and #SEWeek16 <<

    6.00f | Lìonrachadh Bidh sinn a' fosgladh na dorsan agus an dèidh clàradh, cuiridh sinn fàilte is fuaran ort le deoch is cothrom-lìonrachaidh leis ar aoighean, sponsairean agus luchd-tionnsgain eile.  


    >> Deasg Margaideachd le Birdie Marketing <<

    18:30 | Faclan is Fiosrachadh Bidh ro-ràdh goirid ann mun Sheachdain Startup na h-Eòrpa bhon Choimisein Eòrpaich agus an uair sin bidh a' toirt fiosrachadh thugaibh air seirbheisein agus cothroman airson gnothachasan Startup ann an Glaschu bhon ar sponsairean agus aoighean:


    >> A bheil ceistean agaibh? Bruidhinn ri na h-aoighean is sponsairean! <<

    19:15 | Cothrom a Chur ur Gnothachas air adhart Seo cothrom dhuibh a bhruidhinn air na stuthan is seirbheisean agaibhse. Innse dhuinn beagan air ur companaidh no smaoin son gnothachais! 'S dòcha gu bheil feum agaibh air cuideachadh? No gu bheil sibh ag iarraidh beagan taic a shiubhal don ath cheum? Seo cothrom mothachaidh dhuibhse a lorg taic is ceanglaichean. Duais de 2 mhìos de mhàl air àite 'Deasg-teth' san Guireatair YEZ (suas gu 25 bliadhna dh'aois).   

    >> Bidh neach-dhealbh ann bho Mint Mind a thogail dealbhan tron oidhche. <<

    20:00 Crìoch Sin e airson a-nochd, ach cumaibh a' dol le na  còmhraidhean a thòisich sibh.

    >> Cleachd ar tagaichean-hais #StartupGlasgow agus #SEWeek16 <<


    Organised by: Cuir air dòigh le:

    Jamie Wallace, Business & Communities Coordinator, Social Media Alba ®

    Event MC:  Bean an Taighe:

    Ann Desseyn L.C.H. Dip., Multilingual Business Coach & Marketing Strategist, Profit Ceiling Breaker

    Sponsored by:  Taic le Goireasan bho:


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