• Conference Theme

    Abbruch – Umbruch – Aufbruch:
    Der Wandel der Schweizer Medienlandschaft im internationalen Kontext

    Effendrements Ruptures Opportunités:
    Les Transformations du Paysage Médiatique Suisse dans le Contexte International
    Demolizioni Rivolgimenti Prospettive:
    Le Trasformazioni del Panorama dei Media Svizzeri nel Contesto Internazionale
    Ruptures Upheavals Opportunities:
    The Transformation of the Swiss Media Landscape in an International Context

    The media landscapes in Switzerland and other Western democracies are rapidly changing. As traditional media are confronted with new providers, platforms, products and usage modes, resources available to news organizations are shrinking. Audiences and advertising have shifted to parts of the web that have little to do with journalism, like search engines or social networks. As a consequence, news organizations are forced to cut costs. Newspapers are particularly affected by these changes, leading to repeated buyouts and even newspaper closures. This so-called media crisis offers both a chance and a challenge.

    The SGKM/SSCM/SACM annual conference 2014 focuses on these developments. It aims at describing, analyzing and critically reflecting upon ruptures, upheavals and opportunities from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives.

    The conference will take place on Friday/Saturday, April 11/12 2014.


    Universität Irchel
    Source: Frank Brüderli, Universität Zürich (www.mediadesk.uzh.ch)

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