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    We suggest that you try to arrive at York Theatre Royal at 12pm on Monday 5th July although the first speaker won’t be starting until 1.30pm, there will be a light lunch and various foyer activities for you to enjoy upon arrival. Presentations will be finished by 6.30pm on Monday, between 6.30pm and 9pm we’ll be hosting a networking drinks and BBQ and there will also be a performance of ‘The Cape Jeremy Affair’ which shouldn’t be missed. Tuesday 6th July will start at 9am , and run through until 6.30pm , and we will be serving you breakfast, lunch and all refreshments. A full schedule will be available for download from the website a short time before the conference.

    If you should need more information about the conference, then please download the 'Where to stay at Shift' document which can be found as a downloadable resource under the Directions tab on this website.
    We look forward to meeting you in July!
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