This is the schedule for SHINE09, which you can also see at:

  • The Schedule

  • How the Schedule Works

    This is the SHINE09 schedule. Here's how it works:

    The  schedule is powered by a tool called SCHED*. It's an interactive tool that enables you to sign up for sessions and create your own programme so you can plan your day.

    The Basics:

    • If you just want to see what's going on, then hover your mouse over a session to see each event in full detail. Go to the 'date' button on the top left of the schedule to move between the Friday and Saturday programme.
    • Sessions are ordered by time slot. You'll see there's lots going on at once. Take a look before the event to see which ones 'fit' best for you.
    • To see the full detail of each event, just hover your mouse over the session.
    • Sessions are colour coded by overall theme: green for inspiration, red for context, blue for practical help. Mix them up or follow one theme if you want. It's your choice!

    Other Things You Can Do:

    If you want to get more involved, you need to sign-up to Sched, which you can do at the top of the schedule. once you've created a login you can do these extra things:

    1. Create your own personalised schedule by ticking the sessions you want to go to.
    2. Put your personal schedule onto your ical, your phone, or print it out
    3. Leave comments and feedback on sessions.
    4. See what other people are going to.
    5. If your friend Joe Bloggs is going to SHINE, you can see exactly which sessions he's attending. This helps you to arrange a time to meet him. Or stalk him.


    As SHINE is a co-created event, we're building the schedule as we build up to May 15. Check back now and then to see the latest version.

    The final schedule will be up the day before the event. We'll have printed and on-screen copies for you when you arrive at SHINE. Or print out your personalised schedule if you like, before you come!


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