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    Social Media & Events Report 2012 - Check out the latest version of our report. Download it for free from the following website: http://info.amiando.com/social-media-report-2012

    About 180,000 users worldwide are using amiando as a tool for event registration, tickting and social media marketing. For our Social Media & Events report 2011 we have asked almost 1,000 event hosts world wide.

    What are the latest trends, actual problems and future expectations of the event industry?

    The Social Media & Events Report 2011 summarizes the most important results and explains tipps& tricks for an effectively using of social media tools, to market your event at the best.

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    The Study is also available in German.

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    Over 180,000 events use amiando’s tools to sell tickets online and to create professional registration forms for events.  By connecting to Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, amiando opens up completely new and highly effective ways for marketing events.  Our award-winning tools not only allow you to market your event more successfully, but also help you save valuable time and money.

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