Addressing New Target Groups with XING Events as a Partner

Starting Point

For over 45 years, ISPO MUNICH has been one of the leading global multi-segment sports fairs. The campaign carried out in cooperation with XING Events aimed at attracting a new special target group comprising HR managers from occupational health management for the trade fair.

Messe München GmbH was looking for a solution to target potential attendees from the desired target group. A further requirement was to be able to filter prospective trade fair attendees via a preregistration function to selectively and individually send out attendance confirmations.

To customise the event to the attendees’ requirements even further, the preregistration should also enable the organisers to target their data collection towards specific user information.

Our Solution

The XING Network, encompassing almost 11 million event attendees in the German-speaking area, provided an ideal platform for Messe München to advertise the ISPO MUNICH among the desired industry attendee group. An intelligent combination of different marketing options helped to increase reach within the relevant target group. The XING TicketingManager was used and tailored to the individual requirements of the customer to collect data individually with the aim of generating high-quality leads.

Product Overview

  • XING TicketingManager
  • Customised event marketing campaign

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Using the various XING Events marketing instruments, Messe München managed to increase its reach among the relevant target group and attract new attendees for the ISPO MUNICH. Via preregistration in the ticket shop, the organiser gained 500 new contacts whose data were transferred into its database. Through the section Your Event Visitors, Messe München was furthermore able to view 2,500 prospective attendees for the ISPO MUNICH 2016 and send them a one-time, personalised invitation to the event. After the event, prospective attendees remained accessible to the organisers, and they were able to individually contact the prospects. In addition to the precise
targeting opportunities and the setting relevant to the target group, the organiser was particularly impressed with the transparency regarding event visitors.

Expert advice

Exact target group

Markus Hefter Exhibition Group Director, ISPO MUNICH