• Registration notes

    • We are charging $30 (45,000 L.L.) for the full-day TEDxBeirut conference.
    • TEDxBeirut is a full day event with speakers, performers, food, snacks and social spaces with numerous activities for over 1,000 TEDsters.
    • You only have to pay after your application is accepted. You don’t pay for applying.
    • You can pay either online, or offline at 7 conveniently selected outlets in Lebanon. Details will be sent with your confirmation email.
    • We will go through your applications as fast as we can.  Thank you for being patient as we read all of your applications. 
    • A confirmation email will be sent to you within 10 days of your application.
    • Registrations close on the 9th of November, so hurry up and grab your seats
    • For any further questions, please email farah@tedxbeirut.com or fatimah@tedxbeirut.com


    We will NOT share your personal information with any third parties. We collect these details to understand our audience better. The only information that may be released is the aggregate total, such as average age, where are most people coming from, etc.. If you have any questions about how your details are being used or reservations about sharing them, please email tedster@tedxbeirut.com

  • Registration

    • The event is finished. It is not possible to register for this event anymore.
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  • When?

    Saturday, 17 November 2012.
    Full day event.
    Estimated time: from 9am to 6pm


  • Where?

    UNESCO, Beirut, Lebanon

  • What is TEDxBeirut?

    TEDxBeirut is a full-day conference happening on Saturday, November 17th, 2012 with 20 speakers and performers; curated from thought leaders in the Middle East and abroad, as well as grassroot speakers sharing their inspiring stories.

    TEDxBeirut includes breakfast, lunch, and a coffee-break. Furthermore, over 1,000 attendees will take part in the numerous activities and interactive opportunities planned throughout the day. TEDxBeirut is an event like no other, bringing together a community of like-minded individuals driven by powerful ideas, remarkable talents, and the desire to share their inspiration - All this is happening here in Beirut, and it’s happening on the 17th of November!

    Visit the TEDxBeirut website to learn more: http://tedxbeirut.com

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