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    Get up to speed about the fundamental principles of full brain network modeling using the open-source neuroinformatics platform
    The Virtual Brain (TVB)



    Simulated brains. Real memories. 

    The workshop is an official training event of the NeuroInformatics 2019 that will be held on September 1-2, also in Warsaw.

    The workshop is dedicated to a theoretical and practical understanding of large-scale brain network modeling using the open-source neuroinformatics platform The Virtual Brain (TVB).

    This simulation environment enables the biologically realistic modeling of whole-brain network dynamics across different brain scales, using personalized structural connectome-based approach. Configurable brain network models generate macroscopic neuroimaging signals including functional MRI, intracranial and stereotactic EEG, surface EEG and MEG for single subjects. Researchers from different backgrounds can benefit from an integrative software platform including a simulation core written in Python and a supporting framework for data management (generation, organization, storage, integration and sharing). 


    :: Workshop Format 
    • Lectures
    • Hands-on tutorials 

    :: Workshop Program Overview

    • Architecture of TVB
    • Theoretical background of large-scale brain network modeling

    • Interacting with TVB using GUI and/or CLI
    • Personalization pipeline 
    • Modeling resting-state networks, brain disorder, stimulation, mouse brain activity, etc.

    Please make sure to register early as we only offer limited seats to ensure there are enough tutors for you.


    *Anyone is welcome to register to TVB Node #9!*
    You DO NOT need to be registered for NeuroInformatics 2019 in order to register for this workshop. 
    Registration for TVB Node #9 workshop is separated from registration to NeuroInformatics 2019.




    HBP Edu. A user account on the HBP Collabotary platform is required (collab.humanbrainproject.eu). If you do not have an account, please send an email to bsp-support@humanbrainproject.eu; stating your interest in participating in the TVB Node#9, and you will receive an invitation to join the platform.

    Equipment. Please bring your own laptop to work on, and follow the steps below to prepare your software environment.

    Catering. Refreshments will be available during the breaks and lunch will be provided.

    Lodging. Participants are responsible for their accommodation. Following is a list of recommended hotels nearby the venue:
        • Polonia Palace (4.2 km)
        • Metropol Hotel (3.6 km)
        • AB Hostel (2.8 km)

    For more informations visit the Travel info webpage of NeuroInformatics 2019.


    :: Prepare for the workshop

    To get the most out of this workshop as an attendee, you might want to get a head-start by preparing your gear before you arrive:

    1) Download and install the latest stable TVB package
    2) Test it in its current form to make sure it's compatible with your computing environment
    3) Familiarize yourself with the basics by browsing through the included manual
    4) If you are interested in modifying the code and contributing to TVB, also install the version control system Git

    In case of any technical problems with TVB installation, head over to the TVB mailing list

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    TVB Node#9?


    Please send an email to

    Julie Courtiol | Paul Triebkorn

    TVB Coordinators

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    Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw Ludwika Pasteura 5 02-093 Warszawa Poland
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