• Mobile Media Tweetup

    The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2009 is gathering interesting people and active Twitter-Users from around the world. We want to invite twitter-fans, executives, experts, bloggers and journalists to the first MOBILE MEDIA TWEETUP.

    The event is realized by MOCOM 2020, the first Non-Profit Open Think Tank about the future of mobile communications - in teamwork of SIMYO and SMAATO.

    The Mobile Media Tweetup is a place for fresh ideas, new inspiration and interesting people.
    But it is also an experimental gathering which idea was created just three weeks before the MWC'09 starts. Participants will enjoy short dinner speeches and networking in an international atmosphere. Ready for a sincere warm up for a long party night or as a cool down from MWC's hectic.
    Chill with drinks and food and join us on Tuesday, February 17th, in Barcelona.

    The event starts at 7 PM local time.
    Entry by invitation only.
    Request invitation here.

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    • The event is finished. It is not possible to register for this event anymore.
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Event organizer: Mocom2020.com, SIMYO and Smaato
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