Brussels Twestival & Unconference

hosted by @cdn

Le Botanique - Witloof bar - rue Royale 236 - 1210 Brussels

Thursday, 12 Feb 2009 16:30

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    All ticketing revenue goes to charity:water ( ).  


    All ticket categories provide equal access to the Brussels Twestival.  


    However, you may choose how much you wish to contribute to charity:water when booking your twestival tickets, from a basic donation (5 euro will get you in Le Botanique already), to an expression of sympathy for the charity’s objectives (10 euro), a strong belief in their aspiration to provide water for all, (25 euro) or the expression of true passion for charity:water (50 euro). 

    Note: If you have no twitter profile yet, please use 'BRUTwestival' as your twitter name in the registration form. There should be an opportunity to register on twitter at the event!

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