The New Open Kitchen: Where Eaters and Eateries Meet Through Mobile Sharing, Panel & Happy Hour Hosted by Zagat and Edelman

hosted by Zagat Survey


Start: Friday, 11 Feb 2011 16:00

End: Friday, 11 Feb 2011 19:00

  • The New Open Kitchen. Panel & Happy Hour hosted by Zagat and Edelman

    Edelman: 250 Hudson Street (bet. Broome and Dominick Sts.)

    Event Description:

    How the food industry has been utilizing social media networks and their mobile counterparts, effectively changing global food culture and growing individual businesses.  Followed by a happy hour w/ Brooklyn Brewery beer and snacks!

    This panel will explore the convergence of food and mobile technology, and examine how industry leaders use social media to grow their businesses, why mobile products are so integral to this industry, and how consumers’ ability to share their experiences has changed how they think about food.

    Panel & Discussion 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    Moderator: Dan Entin    Director, Digital Product Management, Zagat


    • Soraya Darabi, Cofounder& Head of Partnerships,
    • Jake Furst, Business Development, Foursqaure                                 
    • Amanda Spurlock Social Media, Mermaid Inn/Oyster Bar
    • Oleg Voss, Owner, Schnitzel & Things                                  

    Happy Hour w/ Brooklyn Brewery  5:30 pm – 7:00pm

    Beer and snacks will be provided for panelists and attendees to continue the discussion after the panel has closed.

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